Brian Nielsen

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Danish citizen living in Aarhus with my wife and two boys of 6 and 10. 18 years of domain knowledge within banking and fin-tech. Having worked with web and mobile app development for large scale usage(in a Nordic context), with payment infrastructure as focus. Passionate about domain driven design as the bridge between technology and business. And as a lever for organizational structure and strategic planning


Event driven architecture & hyper-growth

Case study: how Lunar Bank prepares for hyper-growth with an event driven architecture as the foundation. Since receiving their banking license from the Danish FSA back in August 2019, Lunar has been on the mission of providing an innovative and best-in-class banking experience across the Nordics. As a company deeply rooted in technology, the Lunar tech platform plays a crucial role in delivering on this mission. A main technological focus point has from the very beginning been an event driven architecture with event sourcing as a core component. However, technological excellence is not enough to make the mission possible: organisational and structural matters, with domains and squads at the core, are equally important to deliver on the mission. In this talk Brian and Thomas will give a report on the evolution of Lunar’s platform with a focus on answering the following: - Strategic domain thinking: banking is a complex domain - what has Lunar done to slice the beast and find the sweet spot balancing ‘just in time’ development with scale and hypergrowth? - Technology: building a modern bank from scratch is not a simple task - what principles has Lunar chosen for its architecture, why these choices, and where are we heading? Furthermore, we will share how these 2 topics in our opinion cannot and should not be separated. Keywords: Domain context mapping, event streaming and handling, CQRS, snapshotting, eventual consistency, inverse Conway