Short talk

Be faster and safer with EDA

Slow to innovate means being left out, but fast paced innovations means higher risks of service disruptions. Let’s see some common cases. The events that are too hard to reach, the apps that are too slow to change, and the clients that are oh so many at times. How some patterns with event-driven architecture can help?

A techie. Started off with BASIC and dBase III+, then Java for the longest time, then enterprise integration and whatnot. He worked with Sun Microsystems, TIBCO, Red Hat, and now working as solution architect at Solace, focusing on Event-Driven Architecture (EDA).

He is based out of Singapore, where he lives with his wife and three young kids. Outside of work he loves music and a little bit of cooking.

picture of Ari Hermawan

Ari Hermawan

Solution Architect at Solace.