Data Modeling in an Event Centric World

When moving to an Event Centric data model it often feels like all of the data modeling tools and skills we have built over the years in more traditional systems are lost. In truth it is the exact opposite. Not only can we bring all of our hard-won knowledge on Data Modeling with us, Event Centric systems give us new and exciting Data Modeling tools that enhance our traditional toolboxes. With practical examples we walk a straight line from traditional relation data models into best practice Event Models. In addition, we can apply well known rules from traditional modeling to know why these new models are ideal for various usages.

Chris is a software engineer and architect who's been building message driven and event sourced systems for 25 years and is currently working at Event Store. He has worked in the telecom, finance, and biomedical industries delivering, supporting, and transforming mission critical systems in environments ranging from the fortune 50 to startups.

picture of Chris Condron

Chris Condron

Chief Architect at Event Store