Event Sourced Business Applications

The world of business applications is changing. Monolithic applications are being broken up into smaller services. The inherent symmetry of CRUD operations has been bifurcated by the emergence of GraphQL and its discrete input and output types. Enterprise users are expecting their interfaces to have capabilities present in consumer apps they use in their personal lives. It is time for business application architectures to evolve.   Borrowing ideas from EventSourcing and CQRS, we will go over in depth the design and implementation of an application that is helping power Netflix’s studio. We will discuss how this model is aligned with modern cloud-based architectures and capabilities desired in business applications. GraphQL, tracking data provenance, observability and testing will all be discussed.

Peter Royal is a Senior Software Engineer with Netflix, developing solutions for its studio. With over two decades of industry experience, he has spent most of his career building and maintaining business systems. Through this he has come to appreciate pragmatic architectures and practices that enable systems to thrive for the long-term. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, daughter and cat.

picture of Peter Royal

Peter Royal

Senior Software Engineer @ Netflix