From Stateless-Serverful to Stateful-Serverless

For many years now, stateless-serverful has been the go-to pattern for building backend services. This pattern is well understood and supported by mature, powerful toolsets. While we have continually improved and fine-tuned stateless-serverful, we are always on the lookout for something better, something different that may significantly improve how we build and run our systems. Often, a better way to do things is to take things in an alternate direction. In this case, replace stateless with stateful, replace serverfull with serverless. So what is stateful-serverless? Well, that is what we will cover in this session. Using Java, we will show you an approach for building and deploying stateful-serverless microservices. Event-driven, event-sourced data is the core of this stateful serverless architecture.

Hugh McKee is a developer advocate at Lightbend. He has had a long career building applications that evolved slowly, that inefficiently utilized their infrastructure, and were brittle and prone to failure. That all changed when he started building reactive, asynchronous, actor-based systems. This radically new way of building applications rocked his world. As an added benefit, building application systems became way more fun than it had ever been. Now he is focused on helping others to discover the significant advantages and joys of building responsive, resilient, elastic, message-driven applications.

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Hugh McKee

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