Short talk

Streaming app changes to Event Store

In this talk we will go through different use cases and design patterns (CDC, events, outbox pattern etc) for moving data from your web. services (and Databases) to an event store for analytics and real time computation. We will also discuss how this can be done in a type safe ways and the good, bad and ugly of each design choice.

Shiv is a senior software developer at Nutanix and works for the beam team helping Nutanix customers minimise cloud costs and security risks for hybrid cloud usage. Shiv works on, among other things, all things pulsar at nutanix managing 4 clusters ((30 nodes)) of pulsar and the use cases around it. Shiv loves spending time on data stores (databases, streams, analytics etc) and has contributed to MySQL and pulsar codebases. Shiv is an avid reader (tech, fiction, economics etc) and is always looking at ways to simplify software architectures.

picture of Shivji Kumar Jha

Shivji Kumar Jha

Senior Member of Technical Staff at Nutanix, Apache Pulsar Contributor and SME, Data geek